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Sinclair Fleetwood

Psychedelic Integration & Transformational Coach

Teri Leigh

Chakras Coach & Spiritual Mentor

Jonathan Schecter

Integration coach/ Breathwork Facilitator

Katrina Michelle

Holistic Psychotherapist & Spiritual Coach

Joi Whitmore

Psychedelic Integration Coach

Jules Hare

Intuitive Mentor & Embodiment Coach

Maitreya Wolf

Wisdom Keeper & Evolutionary Mentor

Kamesha Seagle

Quantum Coach, Healer & Registered Nurse

Heather Shelton

Nurse Herbalist & Cannabis Nurse

Margo Fragola

Transformational Recovery & Integration Coach; Earth Connection Stewardess

Erin Doumert

Psychedelic Integration Specialist & Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Kelli Schonher

Death Doula; Home Funeral Guide; Hospice Volunteer & Mindfulness Instructor

Ashley Wood

Coach for Procrastinators & Perfectionists; SOMA Breath Advanced Instructor

Tammie Lyn Martin

Intuitive Energy Body Guide

Dr. Marissa Castello

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor Specializing in Mind-Body Medicine

Abbie Hiduk

Astrologer & Psychedelic Integration Coach

Stefanie Frank

Founder & Director of Eskff Nest, Healing Arts Refuge & Retreat Center

Beth Weinstein

Spiritual & Entheogenic Business Coach

Sinclair Fleetwood: 4 Reasons Why Healing Yourself is a Path to Success in Spiritual Business

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Sinclair Fleetwood is the founder of Mystical Heart Collective and The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, and is a trained and certified Psychedelic Integration and Transformational Coach. She offers high level, holistic integration support for spiritual seekers and healers on the plant medicine path so that you can fulfill your soul mission, be in service at your highest capacity, and live the authentic, joyful life you deserve.

Teri Leigh: Chakra Alignment in 3 Simple Steps

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Chakras Coach Teri Leigh mentors empaths, spiritual teachers, yoga instructors, and energy healers through major life transitions to find internal balance and calm through chakra alignment. Her simple and practical step-by-step integrative chakra alignment methodology is unprecedented and is based on decades of study in anatomy, physiology, chakra energetics, yoga, meditation, shamanism, linguistics, and brain research.

Jonathan Schecter: Integration to Embodiment - Using a Daily Practice to Connect to Your Highest Self

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Jonathan Schecter is an integration coach, breathwork facilitator and host of The Vital Point podcast. He helps men find clarity and unlock change in their psychedelic work so that they can reconnect to their purpose and step into their power.

Katrina Michelle: Spiritual Emergence, Psychedelics & Transformation

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Dr. Katrina Michelle is a holistic psychotherapist and spiritual coach who supports curious seekers through psychedelic integration and customized retreats. Katrina is founder and director of The Curious Spirit, a New York-based psychotherapy practice, former director of MAPS Zendo Project, and former executive director of The American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences. Katrina is currently conducting research on challenging psychedelic experiences and working on co-producing When Lightning Strikes, a documentary intended to demystify the awakening process. Katrina specializes in working with helpers & healers in her Return to Self program, a 9-month journey that supports big-hearted helpers in burn-out recovery so that they can share their gifts from a place that nourishes them spiritually, emotionally, and materially in return.

Joi Whitmore: 3 Keys to Navigating Your Entheogenic Journey

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Joi is an intuitive Psychedelic Integration Coach supporting travelers who are tired of overthinking and feeling out of alignment. She helps to provide a safe supportive environment for travelers to help deepen their consciousness experience by healing old wounds, reclaiming self-love and self respect, connecting with the body and nature, and blending with a supportive community.

Jules Hare: Learn the Language of YOUR Body

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Jules Hare is a playfully wise Intuitive Mentor and Embodiment Coach. A natural born inner intimacy artist, Jules has an amazing ability to awaken you to your own inner gifts and unique abilities, by facilitating a new and powerful friendship between your mind and body!   With over 30 years experience as a Cranial Sacral Therapist, she’s spent over 600,000 hours mastering her unique craft. Making her a powerful catalyst to help YOU illuminate your way out of ‘stuck’, help YOU re-member your divine purpose, and assist YOU to embody the soul mission you came here for. Activate the SuperPower of your Intuition. Your inner guidance system awaits!

Maitreya Wolf: Cultivating Empowerment - 3 Keys That Will Transform Your Life Immediately

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Maitreya Wolf is a soul and earth oriented wise woman and grounded mystic who helps people transform the pain of the past into the power of the now so that they can experience lives of radiant joy, empowered wisdom, embodied presence, and deeply fulfilling purpose-based service to the world in this most extraordinary time.

Kamesha Seagle: Clearing Your Mind with Harmony and Love

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Kamesha Seagle is a quantum coach, registered nurse and healer. She offers a unique approach based on science and new age modalities. Her practice connects you to transformational energies, using different strategies so that you can improve your mindset, align your purpose and improve your quality of life.

Dr. Marissa Castello: DIY Microdosing Workshop

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Dr. Marissa Castello is a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, specializing in Mind-Body Medicine. By combining  Hypnotherapy, Natural Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy, and Sound Healing, she helps her clients access dormant portals into healing, unlocking their full potential.  Her holistic approach to health enables her clients to transform their suffering and remember their inner power, creating a ripple effect of well-being and happiness that touches everyone around them. Learn more about her unique approach on Facebook and Instagram.

Heather Shelton: Support the Heart in Times of Stress with Plant Medicine

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Heather Shelton BSN, RN is a nurse herbalist blending her botanical medicine experience with traditional nursing to offer a unique (w)holistic approach to healthcare.  She provides consultations and mentorships that include herbal medicine, cannabinoid therapy, nutritional guidance and healthy lifestyle changes so that her clients can live their fullest lives while feeling their best.  Heather believes relationship with Nature is key to living a more joyful life and loves sharing Earth’s gifts with others.  She is a member of United Plant Savers, the International Association of Psychedelic Nurses, the Cannabis Nurse Network and the American Cannabis Nurse Association, where she serves on multiple committees.  She is also a board member of two non-profits, the Northwest Land Conservation Trust and Fox Hollow Forestland where she leads workshops on herbal medicine, self-sufficiency and Earth based traditions.  Heather can be found at

Margo Fragola: ZorraFresa Sacred Roots Recovery Grounding Practice

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Margo Fragola is a stewardess to the sacred roots of Mother Earth. She is a shamanic practitioner, certified in Somatic Plant Medicine Integration and completing her certification with Being True to You in Psychospiritual and Transformational Recovery and Integration Coaching (Feb 2023). As the founder of ZorraFresa Sacred Roots Recovery, she empowers and enlivens you along your transformational journey of recovery and integration to transmute feelings of separateness and suffering, so that you reconnect to what is sacred for you and root in your truth, your wholeness, and your interconnectedness with the flow of life.

Erin Doumert: How to Heal Religious Trauma with Psychedelics

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Erin Doumert is a Psychedelic Integration Specialist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner helping you heal and recover from spiritual and religious trauma.  Are shame and guilt ruling your life? Want to stop questioning what is real or not real? I help you let go of resentment, deconstruct your belief system so that you can truly feel spiritually, mentally, and emotionally free to live and express your life with more meaning, happiness, and joy.

Kelli Schonher: Green Death Options Explained

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Kelli Schonher is a professionally trained and experienced death doula, home funeral guide, hospice volunteer and mindfulness instructor. She supports individuals and families to feel more alive today by reducing the discomfort of uncertainty around end of life concerns through loving preparation.

Ashley Wood: Chill Your Vibe with Soma Breath

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Ashley helps procrastinators, perfectionists and anyone who has a tendency to spend too much time overthinking and anxious, and feels stuck in their life.   She guides you to calm your overactive mind so you can tune into your intuition, align with your purpose and TAKE THE ACTION you know you need to, in order to move towards what you want in life with confidence and clarity!

Tammie Lyn Martin: A Prayer and a Song

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Tammie Lyn is an Intuitive Energy Body Guide who co-creates with spirit, helping illuminate clients’ innate potential to fiercely rise and liberate their heart, embody their unique medicine, and come into service for the change needed in themselves and our time. In addition to being a Shamanic Practitioner, she is an Occupational Therapist (MS OTR/L) and a Certified Hanna Somatic Educator/Practitioner. Learn more about her Four Wisdom Body approach on Facebook or Instagram.

Abbie Hiduk: Exploring Little "T" Trauma to Create More Self-Compassion & Understanding

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Abbie is an astrologer & psychedelic integration coach. By weaving these two sacred modalities together, she guides her clients to gain a deeper understanding and sense of who they really are and what they’re here to offer the world. She holds a loving container for her clients as they transform their traumas, limiting beliefs, and unconscious patterns so that they can step into their most authentic expression and gifts.

Stefanie Frank: Healing in Nature

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Founder & Director of ESKFF Nest, Healing Arts refuge and retreat center, Woodstock, NY. A visionary retreat leader, community builder, host and facilitator of spiritually diverse transformational immersive healing art experiences.

Beth Weinstein: How to Be a Psychedelic Integration Coach

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As a spiritual business coach, I guide you in a step-by-step process to align with your purpose and grow your calling into a business so you can help more people, Share Your Unique Medicine, and do fulfilling work that aligns with your Soul.

I work with newer and aspiring coaches, healers, Psychedelic Pioneers, spiritual and transformational leaders, and those on the psychedelic and sacred medicine path to live with more fulfillment and co-create a more joyful, heart-led world.

I'm also host of the podcast, “The Psychedelic Entrepreneur: Medicine For These Times”.

I believe anyone can have an abundant, heart-centered business that stays true to your values, makes a difference in the lives of others, and maintains a sustainable balance in your life and in harmony with Mother Earth.

Look at the world around you…notice all the rapid shifts? We are in a time of great transformation. Now is the time to share your gifts, be in service to others, and create a life you love with freedom, abundance, impact and fun.

Learn more at and check out my programs & offerings here.